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About Sputnik Furniture

1957 marked the beginning of the space race with the successful launch of the world’s first satellite (Sputnik 1), It also marked the full bloom of what we now call Mid-Century Modern. Our focus at Sputnik Furniture is to search out the finest Scandinavian modern design from the 1950’s and 1960’s and to bring it to you in top-notch condition. We make at least three buying trips per year to Europe to inspect every piece to ensure authenticity and condition. We only buy the very best vintage furniture, striving to be sure all our pieces can be traced back to a recognized designer/manufacturer from the period.

We are continually adding new pieces. We’ll ship directly to you or you can pick up from our warehouse on the scenic north shore of Boston.


Our Philosophy

True Vintage pieces are the "Antiques of Tomorrow"   The three "Rs" that we do not like are....... refurbished...refinished.. .reworked..... The one "R" that we Do like is "Restored"   We only restore pieces that come to us in excellent condition that only need the hand of our experienced restoration team.

The piece is deep cleaned using a blended mixture of pure Danish teak oil, raw linseed oil, and pure pine turpentine, once dry pure Danish Teak Oil (imported from Denmark) is applied and the piece is then left for 3 days to allow the oil to be absorbed. The final process is the application of “Gilboys Pure Gold” Beeswax, which gives the piece its deep luster and protective coating.

Please remember that these pieces have been around for a long time and will bear the marks of age like small dings/scratches, please study the photographs (enlarge in your browser) to ensure that you are happy with your final choice.


Our Own Branded Hairpin Legs

All our Hairpin Legs are custom made, robustly tested, then fitted to the piece to achieve the best Aesthetic and Modern look possible. The styles include:

Sputnik Furniture LLC, has the exclusive rights to distribute hairpin legs under the above trademarks in the USA and Canada.