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Please take a moment to read our Polices and Procedures .


Shipping Damage.

When your shipment arrives please inspect it at the time of arrival. Look for visible signs of damage on the exterior of the package. Photograph any external damage before you open the package, notify the driver(s) of damage, please add any damage on the bill of lading paper work before signing and accepting the shipment. Items must be accepted in order to start the insurance claim process. Do not refuse shipments. If shipment is refused buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs, Initiate your damage claim within the first 24 hours of receiving the item. Contact the carrier directly to report the claim. If you have questions, contact us, we will guide you through the process. It is absolutely imperative that you follow all instructions specified by the shipping carrier and/or insurance carrier. Keep all original packing material and Product. Do not dispose of the packing material or product until your claim in settled. Submit all necessary documents and photographs required. Please do this in a timely manner. The sooner you get your documentation in, the faster your claim is processed and settled. Please contact us if you are having any difficulty with the claim, so that we can give you any assistance we can.

Shipping providers and packing facilities are third party entities independent of Sputnik Furniture. If your item is damaged during shipping then you must file a claim with the shipping carrier and/or insurance carrier in the case of damaged shipments. Sputnik Furniture will help facilitate this process if necessary. Compensation must be sought from the carrier and/or insurance provider. Sputnik Furniture does not issue refunds for items damaged during shipping. Shipping refunds are at the discretion of the carrier, as per their respective policies. Shipping fees will not be refunded by Sputnik Furniture. 

Return policy....  We do not accept returns.

Payment..... We do not ship or deliver items unless they have been paid for in full including any shipping/insurance charges.


Orders may not be cancelled once paid for.